My poor husband is always trying to figure out how to converse with me when I get talking about my dreams. I am a dreamer, and he is a realist (which may as well be a pessimist in my book).

“I am going to write a book, and I will sell millions of copies. I will sell so many copies that we can pay all the people who currently function as staff at church.”

“If our tax return comes back x amount, and someone buys our house for x amount, we will be debt free again. I just know the house is going to sell without any problem.”

“That property is going to be the perfect location for our church, and they are going to give it to us for way less than it is worth so that we can afford it. Either that or the book will sell so many copies we will be able to pay for the space.”

I love to dream about the future (both distant and near).

This kills Jon. He doesn’t want me to get my hopes up about such big things that may never come to pass because he doesn’t want my disappointment to be equal to my excitement.

I, of course, think he should just join in on the excitement of the what ifs and maybes. He, of course, thinks I should come back to earth from time to time and analyze the possibilities rationally. My approach is obviously the right one. Who needs logic and reason?

I don’t care how many times the big dreams don’t happen. I love the excitement and the possibility. That might be why I pray big prayers.

I know that so many of my dreams are beyond my ability to accomplish, but nothing is beyond God. When you serve a God that big, why not dream wild and crazy dreams? If it is God’s will, anything can be done.

What are you believing for today?



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      At one point I’m sure your blog was a dream …. Now look! Here you are!
      God hears all of our prayers and I believe will answe them in His way and His time. My first devotional book dream and even though self published, God’s Holy Spirit was there to help me the entire way!

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