Now I Wait…

Now I Wait…

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Let’s sing together, or not. Maybe the singing is too hard because the pain is too deep. The lyrics say what your heart longs to believe, and the songs we sing are the faith you desperately need. The world pushes and pulls you and drags you around. Your heart is trampled and aches at the sound. The melody feels false and true as you are torn in two. You want to believe, and you want Him to come through. So sit and listen while I sing for you. This is our song, and some day you will sing too.


This is the opening to my book, Our Broken Hallelujahs. The complete manuscript was sent to an agent today. I worked on this project for about a year. Even this blog was started in order to make myself a marketable author. I have written 100 blog posts, and I have written and rewritten each section of the book.

So, now, I wait.

I spent hours and hours putting myself into this book. It started as a calling and then it became a prayer- from there words formed into chapters. Sometimes the words poured, sometimes they trickled, and sometimes I had to tug and pull them out of my head and my heart.

I’ve said what I needed to say, and now I wait.

As an impatient person, I wanted to send the partial manuscript to the agent for feedback 100 times, but I waited. Now that I have finished the full manuscript, I will wait some more.

I have no idea what this book will become. It may be read by ten people or ten thousand. All I know is I was given the words, “a book to build a church on” as we first began to dream about Redemption Church Charlottesville.

I began to pray, and, eventually, I began to write.

The words have all come out of me, and in the satisfied empty I wait.



If you have ever stood in a worship service and found it hard to sing about God’s love because you felt disconnected by the circumstances of living, this book is for you. Many of us know all the right answers about God’s love and his authority, but we find it difficult to see it applied in a practical way in our lives because we are broken by the acts of others, traumas of sickness and loss, or our own failures. Our Broken Hallelujahs is a poetic and beautiful look at how God’s love reaches into the brokenness of your life to empower you.

Rebecca’s story is a broken hallelujah. As you journey with her through personal narrative, biblical examples, and the stories of how others have found a hallelujah in the broken places of life, her prayer is that this study will help you to find a voice to sing your own hallelujah.


*****If there is any profit from this book, 90% of any money I receive as the author will be donated to our church plant.*****






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      The most painful thing for any believer of God is to wait on Him. It is painful because we want to see results now and that is not how the Lord works most of the time. As a writer myself, I know the challenges that come with writing a work and it not getting the feedback that I hoped for. I do hope that your book will get published and I look forward to reading it.

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