muleMy kids can be fairly stubborn, especially my youngest. Although this can be challenging at times, I am so proud of their determination. They remind me that perseverance is not a lost art.

Every day on the way to work and school, the kids and I listen to the same radio station. At 7:45 a.m. Positive Hits PER announces the 3 clues for tri-bond. We often know the answer before the last clue is given. For example, today’s clues were  news, clip, and towel. The answer was paper.

At the beginning of the school year, the kids would ask me to call in almost everyday. I did.

I never got through. It didn’t matter how quickly I pushed the button on my phone after they gave the final clue; I could not get an opportunity to give the answer. This went on and on. Eventually, I tired of calling in. I would leave my purse in the trunk with my laptop case in order to avoid having to appease my children by calling in. For a stretch, they stopped asking me to call in.

Recently, I stopped keeping my phone in the trunk, and they noticed the phone in the front of the car. They started asking me to call again. I didn’t want to bother with it, but I continued to call in hopes of teaching my children the value of never giving up.

Then it happened.

A couple of days ago, we got through. We won a cd, and, the greater prize, the kids got to hear their names on the radio. I don’t think the kids were the ones who learned a lesson on perseverance. They never wavered in their belief that we just needed to keep calling in. I was the one reminded of the value of a stubborn will.

It didn’t matter to the kids how many times we failed to get through to the station. Everyday they believed that today could be the day, and one day it was.

Now I’m a believer too.


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      love this. and i completely agree with you too. i love that my kids no limitations on what they think is possible. they never think “i’m too young,” or “i don’t have the funds,” or “i might fail.” it’s so good.

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