Rebecca Burtram

John 11: Jesus Wept

It can be so hard to see God’s love for us as we face loss and heartache. We wonder where he is, and we struggle to see how he could be working all things together for our good. It is important to understand the nature of God that is revealed in this passage- he is omniscient and omnibenevolent.

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John 7: Room to Doubt

This chapter tells me that when I struggle with doubt, I’m normal. Even Jesus’ brothers didn’t believe. We see the crowds debating and reasoning about whether or not Jesus was who he said he was. I’d say that it makes sense then for people to still struggle with who Jesus is 2,000 years later!

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John 3: Born Again

Understanding we are spiritual creations first helps realign our perspective to God’s perspective. This profound truth encourages us to pray more, seek God’s presence more, have times of fasting, be more generous, and most of all, love and view people the way that He views them.

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John 1: Unfailing Love

When I was struggling to believe God’s love was for me because I was lost and clouded by grief and failure, I read through the scriptures with fresh eyes, seeking words of hope. The words unfailing love and faithfulness caught me again and again. It was the truth I’d read a hundred times before but failed to see because I hadn’t needed it yet.

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