I’m a Self Promoting Idiot

Yeah, I’m feeling it. I’m feeling it all…. because somehow I have, yet again, lost focus. I’m worrying about the results.

I’m worrying about my success.


When I look into their faces as I read them the poem, I still see the young man (who was almost constantly in a cast of some sort) sitting in a middle school classroom. I see his energy and exuberance in their young and promising eyes, and my heart breaks again… and again… and again.

Now I Wait…

Let’s sing together, or not. Maybe the singing is too hard because the pain is too deep. The lyrics say what your heart longs to believe, and the songs we sing are the faith you desperately need. The world pushes and pulls you and drags you around. Your heart is trampled and aches at the sound. The melody feels false […]

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