Every day is a battle. Every day I fight to keep the mess inside and be better. Every day I fight the lies of who I feel myself to be with a grasping at who I am made to be.


There is something about hearing I am not alone in the struggle. I am not the only one in need of grace. The best part, though, is the grace. The grace connects us. I love that. Yes, there is connecting in the fighting and the uphill climbing, but the real bond is in the grace and the overcoming.


Today was another one of those days- you know, an ugly day.

An ugly day generally begins with a sense my clothes don’t fit the way they should. From there it moves to the way my teeth are just a little off center or my hair is too gray, too stringy, or too outdated.

Unfortunately, I feel myself to be not enough or too much of something on a pretty regular basis. This isn’t actual truth, but my feelings lie pretty well.


Now, I know I probably should walk into the meeting feeling confident of my work. However, I am trying to be realistic in my expectations. This is my first book, and I just might not find success in round one of meeting with an agent. If the agent doesn’t want to represent me, it will be hard to hear. I am ready for the possibility of being knocked down. I am also ready to get back up.

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